Ages 5 and Up

Ages 5 and Up

Ages 6 and Up

SQUIGGLE® Princess
Ages 4 and Up

SQUIGGLE® 20 Questions
Ages 10 and Up

Ages 8 and Up

Ages 8 and Up

SQUIGGLE 3D will keep your smile beaming! Spin the wheel to select a mood, then turn the pre-printed shape into a silly face using the blue marker. Next, use the red marker to make the drawing “POP” off the page by tracing the blue lines.

Encourage creativity with this multiple award-winning, parent approved and innovative traveling drawing pad. It's compact, cute and goes anywhere while keeping kids to adults amused for hours!

Let loose your creativity and imagination with this cool and unique drawing activity pad. The idea is simple . . . spin the wheel then transform the pre-printed squiggly line into the vehicle or object you land on. SQUIGGLE Princess will bring out the fashionista in you! It’s fun and encourages children to be creative as they design and accessorize their ideal princess. Choose from 10 different princess gowns.
SQUIGGLE® 20 Questions is a guessing good time! It’s entertaining and thought-provoking for kids and adults. Bring this fun activity pad on your next road trip!

SQUIGGLE Mix Up is a twister-ific good time where you combine animals and insects to make the funniest, wackiest, most unusual and bizarre creatures! The results are off-the-wall and hilarious!


SQUIGGLE SPORTS is a FAN-tastic good time! Spin the wheel then draw the sports player you land on using a pre-printed figure. Choose from 4 different body figures.
Check out the DEMO video! Check out the DEMO video!      

Check out the DEMO video!




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