Squiggle Game Squiggle Connect Game Hurry-Up! The Dice Game
Ages 8 and Up

SQUIGGLE® Selection Game
Ages 7 and Up

  SQUIGGLE® Connect Game
Ages 8 to 108

  Alphabet SQUIGGLE® Game
Ages 4 and 7

  Hurry-Up! The Dice Game
Ages 8 and Up


SQUIGGLE is a fun family and party drawing game for kids and adults that encourages creativity. Players compete to transform a squiggle (aka a random line) into a picture. Players only have 60 seconds to create a picture that starts with the squiggly line and then their partner must guess what they drew to earn points.



Players create a quick drawing that starts with a squiggle, but for this game . . . there is a judge! The judge picks a voting card that contains a word and must give it to the player whos drawing best suits the word. Each player gets one chance to convince the judge why their picture best describes the word on the card! 


If you want to have a good belly laugh, play SQUIGGLE Connect! It's an off-the-wall, hilarious game where players create a wild and wacky picture from a simple or complex squiggle. There's no artistic talent required . . . just your imagination! Makes an ideal birthday gift or party game for get-togethers.



Alphabet SQUIGGLE is a unique, educational boardgame that introduces letters to children in a fun and creative way. It helps to improve letter recognition and penmanship, while strengthening a childs vocabulary and building self-esteem and their confidence. Alphabet SQUIGGLE is a must have boardgame for every child.



Hurry Up is a fast paced dice game.  Players compete to get the best scores, but they better hurry up because the 30 second clock is ticking and time is running out! A great dice game for family game night, travel, parties and more.



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