SQUIGGLE® Game – Ages 8 and Up

SQUIGGLE it just a little bit! Squiggle is a creative fun drawing game where teams of 2 players compete to turn a squiggle (aka a random line) into a picture. Players choose a random line from the deck of squiggles and trace it on a piece of paper provided. All players draw and have 60 seconds to transform the squiggle into a picture. When done, a one-word description must be written on the back of the drawing. Next, players take turns having their teammate guess what was drawn. If your teammate can correctly guess what you drew, your team earns points. The amount of points awarded is based on the difficultly of the squiggle and the uniqueness of the picture. See booklet example below:



There are 3 levels of squiggles: easy, challenging, and mind-boggling.  The SQUIGGLE scorebook provides a point value for over 1000 pictures and objects. There are some squiggles in the deck that allow for a "Second Chance", so if your teammate can not guess what you drew, you can pantomime and guess again. SQUIGGLE is a fun family game!


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