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Oct 2013The Best Board Games for Holiday Parties

Jan 2013SQUIGGLE On-The-Go Wins a PAL Award! - Using SQUIGGLE On-The-Go in Speech Therapy

Aug 2012RandomLine’s newest game hits the shelves, SQUIGGLE Selection

SQUIGGLE Selection is quite simple. Players create a quick picture that starts with a squiggly line. The judge for that round picks one voting card from the deck that reveals a word and awards it to the drawing that best suits that word. Here’s the twist . . . players create their drawing before the card is picked, but each player gets a chance to convince the judge with a clever explanation why their picture best describes the word. The first player to earn 4 voting cards wins! For ages 8 and up, retails for $19.99.

Jul 2012RandomLine creates a BRAND addition . . . Spin and Seek

SQUIGGLE Spin and Seek is a fun hidden-object game that can be played alone or with multiple people. There are 100 pages with objects that are hidden within thousands of squiggly lines. A spin of the wheel selects 3 objects to seek on the page. Each page is different and the objects change with every spin of the wheel, so it’s always a challenge. This fun pastime of hide-n-seek provides some real old-school fun! For ages 4 and up, retails for $5.99.

Feb 2012RandomLine Teams Up with Toysmith at Toy Fair

Nov 2011Toysmith Announces Exclusive Distribution Agreement for RandomLine, Inc.

Toysmith will begin shipping RandomLine products starting in October 2011. 

Jeff Bunkowske, National Sales Manager of Toysmith, stated, “We are excited to be the exclusive worldwide distributor of Squiggle® Series games, doodle pads and activity pads. These educational products are recognized throughout the industry for encouraging creativity for all ages. Bunkowske added, “The addition of the Squiggle® Series line further expands our comprehensive offering of children products that provide open-ended play, stimulate children’s minds and encourage creativity and discovery. Specialty retailers will be able to add the Squiggle® Series products to their Toysmith orders to get the best in-stock service, discounts, freight and dating terms”.

Jul 2011Beat The Clock In This Fast-Paced Dice Game!

May 2011RandomLine Celebrates National Doodle Day

Greeted by tremendous excitement, children and adults enjoyed doodling with the SQUIGGLE master.  “It’s really fun to watch how creative kids can be when you put pencil and paper in their hands and ask to create a picture from a squiggle, letter or a shape! Their imagination is limitless and it’s so rewarding to see my games provide that creative outlet.”

Jan 2011RandomLine Welcomes Business Growth with New Hire

Jan 2011RandomLine’s Next Generation On-The-Go’s will Launch at NY Toy Fair

RandomLine, Inc., creator of the award-winning SQUIGGLE line of games and activity pads, will be unveiling 4 brand new activity pads at the American International Toy Fair the February.


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