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MORRIS PLAINS, NJ – September 1, 2010 – RandomLine, Inc., creator of the award-winning SQUIGGLE line of games and activity pads, is pleased to announce the launch of SQUIGGLE Sports which is a great companion for all sports fans.  As children all over the country gear up to show off their physical abilities on the field, they’ll enjoy showing off their drawing ability and imagination off the field as well with SQUIGGLE Sports. 

In line with the SQUIGGLE On-The-Go activity pads, SQUIGGLE Sports asks its players to spin the wheel which includes football, lacrosse, soccer, skateboarding, cheerleader, equestrian, etc.  Draw the sports player landed on using a pre-printed figure from the 4 different body figures provided.  Add as many details as possible to enhance your sports hero using the 6 color markers that store in the back of the pad. When done, you can show off your drawing using the magnetic picture frame included. 
“SQUIGGLE Sports offers a FAN-tastically good time by inspiring sports enthusiasts to use their creative side and engage their imagination,” said John Kiely, Chief Squiggler at RandomLine, Inc.  “Best of all, parent will love that they are battery-free and noise-free making them environmentally friendly and great travel companions.”
Parents who are eager to occupy their children without the use of video games and television will love SQUIGGLE Sports as they provide a quiet activity that engages the child’s imagination, promotes creativity, and supports a child’s love of sports.  Suggested for children ages 8 and up, SQUIGGLE Sports is also the perfect option for occupied travel, to breakup boredom at a sporting event, to occupy a few minutes of time while parents are on the phone, etc.  They are also a creative and cost-effective solution for birthday goody bags.  Children who love sports can now not only exercise their bodies but their minds, too.  Retail price: $7.99
 About RandomLine, Inc.

RandomLine, Inc. is the creator of the Award-Winning SQUIGGLE® Series. Their games and doodle pads are available in the specialty market, educational stores, book stores, gift shops and museums throughout the United States. Visit to learn more about this new and innovative company.

Contact:  Kimberly Zaharias, President of Kimberly Ellen & Company at (401) 475-7156 or email her at

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