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RandomLine has created a line of products to help combat the struggle to get the kids interested in something other than television and video games.


offers a wide variety of activities that do not include batteries or noise- just your imagination. Each activity features different prompts to squiggle, doodle and create different things.

Squiggle Monsters for ages 6 and up for example, features a dry erase board with 6 markers (which are stored in a compartment beneath the board) and three wheels that you spin to select a combination of monster features- like three eyes or 12 arms. After you’ve turned your initial squiggle into a monster, you get to give it character. There is a “fun facts” dry erase area where give your monster a name, occupation, favorite food etc.

Other Squiggle activities include educational, themed and on-the-go activity pads, games and wipe-off activity boards.  Prices range from about $5 to $20.  Inspire a little creativity in your kids with a Squiggle activity!

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