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Squiggle Shapes and Colors On-The-Go and Alphabet Squiggle Script On-The-Go have both won a 2007 Creative Child Magazine Seal of Excellence.  Created with his kids in mind, John Kiely has successfully combined fun and learning in to the perfect travel and educational product.  Parents have told us that their children enjoy playing Random Line's Squiggle games while eating out, riding in the car, waiting at the doctor, at camp . . . the list goes on. 
Alphabet Squiggle Script On-The-Go Script Edition is ideal for children just learning to write cursive, they can practice on their own time, and love to spin the letter wheel.  “I often find that once students begin using cursive, they struggle less with getting their thoughts and ideas out on paper. I also notice improvements in spelling when students write in cursive" says Sandy Tichenor, a 3rd grade teacher at Glenwood Elementary in NJ.
SQUIGGLE Shapes and Colors On-The-Go is perfect for parents who need a solution for backseat squabbles, long trips to the doctor or any time a quick remedy is needed to entertain and teach. With four colored pencils provided, children create things with simple to complex shapes never thought possible. Children have the opportunity to create characters, objects, patterns, and identify lots of shapes.


RandomLine is a company founded by a stay at home dad who loves to play. After years of countless doodling, both in school and on the job, John Kiely turned a simple idea into an award winning company. The Squiggle Series Games have won several awards from the toy industry’s top organizations. Visit or more information call us at 888-234-3729

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