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RandomLine Press Release

RandomLine is proud to announce the launce of the Daily SQUIGGLE on Facebook.

What is The Daily SQUIGGLE?
It’s a fun, creative mind exercise. It gets your creative juices flowing! "Our brain-workout only takes a minutes and you don't need a jogging bra!" says the creator John Kiely

Who can participate in The Daily SQUIGGLE?
Anyone. But you must “Like” the Daily SQUIGGLE or RandomLine first.
The Daily SQUIGGLE is a kid-friendly site, so use discretion when posting a comment. Any inappropriate comments will be deleted.

How to participate in The Daily SQUIGGLE?

  1. Each morning, a squiggly line is posted on our Facebook wall and we ask our FANS what they see in the squiggle.
  2. FANS add a comment. ie. “I see an apple tree
  3. Once a FAN adds a comment, they can “Suggest to Friends” (located in the left column under the logo) or SHARE with friends to accumulate the most “Likes” on their comment (see the NOTES tab for a visual explanation). The FAN who gets the most “Likes” on their comment will see their guess come to life in a drawing the following day. We’ll do our best to create it!

If there is a tie, we at RandomLine will choose the winner by adding our “Like”.

Monday through Saturday is for fun, but every Sunday, our FANS have a chance to win a $10 gift card at Barnes & Noble and a SQUIGGLE On-The-Go doodle pad.

The rules are simple when it comes to the Sunday Gift card prize:

  • The FAN with the most “Likes” on their comment wins.
  • RandomLine can participate as well and “Like” a comment.
  • The Sunday contest will end at 8am EST Monday morning.
  • Prizes will be awarded and shipped to a US address ONLY.
  • Winners will be notified by a direct message for their information.

The Daily SQUIGGLE is brought to you by RandomLine. We are the creator of the SQUIGGLE Series games and creative doodle pads for ages 4 to adult.

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