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MORRIS PLAINS, NJ – January 04, 2011 – RandomLine, Inc., creator of the award-winning SQUIGGLE line of games and activity pads, made a grand splash on CBS’s The Early Show on Christmas Eve 2010.  The segment featured The Early Show anchor Russ Mitchell, editor-in-chief Liz Gumbinner, and the products deemed to “keep youngsters busy and happy, and parents sane, during long drives.” 


As parents prepare to load their children into the family vehicles for a holiday road trip, the apprehension tends not to be “how much time will it take?” but more “how do we keep the children engaged, comfortable, and happy?”  Featured along with booster seat comforts, snack foods, and travel storage, RandomLine’s SQUIGGLE Connect, SQUIGGLE On-The-Go, SQUIGGLE 20 Questions, and SQUIGGLE On-The-Move were shown both fitting neatly into a behind-the-seat storage compartment and individually.  Surely RandomLine’s promise of “No Noise. No Batteries. Simply Your Imagination” made them a shoe-in for such a unique and user-friendly round-up of products.


“We look at thousands of products a year and we look for things that are cool and that we ourselves would use as moms,” said Liz Gumbinner of  “We got out a few things that we thought would keep you safe and sane on holiday travel.”


"We know that is the website to search for all the latest and greatest family products,” said John Kiely, Chief Squiggler at RandomLine.  “It was truly an honor to stand out from thousands of products that they see and then to see them on CBS’s The Early Show along with millions of other viewers.  We are thrilled!”


About RandomLine, Inc.

 RandomLine, Inc. is the creator of the Award-Winning SQUIGGLE® Series. Their games and doodle pads are available at Barnes & Noble, toy stores, educational stores, book stores, gift shops and museums throughout the United States. Visit to learn more about this new and innovative company.


Contact:  Kimberly Zaharias, President of Kimberly Ellen & Company at (401) 475-7156 or email her at


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