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Parents and grandparents, let's keep our children's creative juices flowing and in "shape" over the summer! RandomLine is introducing another creative activity for children called SQUIGGLE Shapes on-the-go this May. With its top selling on-the-go games continuing to spin off the retail shelves, RandomLine put another fun spin on a simple activity, turning basic geometric shapes into works of art.

SQUIGGLE Shapes on-the-go is wonderfully entertaining for children 4 and up. This fun activity elicits a child's creativity as they turn basic shapes into some of the most amazing creations! Simply spin the wheel, draw the shape on the pad, then create a picture from that shape. It's simple, fun, engaging and stimulating.

If you're looking for activities to inspire children, look no further than RandomLine's on-the-go games and activities. RandomLine has put a fun spin on their new activity pad using a colorful wheel with 12 basic geometric shapes that will be sure to keep those little minds thinking for hours. SQUIGGLE Shapes on-the-go will retail for $6.95 and will be found at independent toy and book stores throughout the country. RandomLine will also be attending the ASTRA marketplace convention in Las Vegas, June 24-27 for its new product debut.

RandomLine is a company founded by a stay at home dad who loves to play. After years of countless doodling, both in school and on the job, John Kiely turned a simple idea into an award winning company. The Squiggle Series Games have won many awards from the toy industry's top organizations.

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