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Everyone has an inner child that makes him or her want to break out the board games when friends are over for a get-together or holiday party. Games provide indefinite ways for people to break the ice, warm-up and enjoy each other’s company at home. So spend the night in and crack open the refreshments and chip and dive into a really fun game this coming holiday season.

Here are 3 great games to choose from. They all have a different spin on doodling and creativity.


SQUIGGLE Selection: The game of judgment begins with all players creating a picture from a squiggly line. A card is selected by the judge that contains a word. Each player must then make a case for whey their picture best describes that word, in hopes they are selected as the winner. Let the laughs begin! Price is for a pack of six individually packaged Squiggle Selection games. For ages 7 and up.


Here are a few places to pick up SQUIGGLE Selection online or just hit your local toy store.


Rainbow Resource Center


SQUIGGLE: Players are given a random line drawing, known as a “Squiggle,” to start with, and then have 60 seconds to turn it into an object or picture. If their teammates can correctly guess what the drawing is, they are awarded points. Points are awarded based on skill level and the uniqueness of the image created. Ages 8 and up.


Here are a few places to pick up SQUIGGLE online or just hit your local toy store.


SQUIGGLE Connect: Squiggle Connect is a hilarious drawing game where players compete by changing a squiggly line into a picture. No artistic talent required...just your imagination! It all starts with a roll of the "dot" cube and then the dots are connected by random lines using the "connect" cube. Once everyone has their unique squiggly line in front of them, play begins. Players have 60 seconds to transform their wavy and wacky line into a picture. They can be as simple or detailed as they want. When time is up, each player explains their drawing to the other players. This is where you may fall over laughing as you listen to some real nonsense! Once each player has had the chance to explain what they drew, voting begins. Each player votes on only one other players drawing using a voting card. The voting cards offer either a descriptive praise or a nuance of criticism such as "put that in a doggie bag" or "a monkey can do better". Each card also has a point value and players give them to each other based on their picture and description. It's hysterical!


Here are a few places to pick up SQUIGGLE Connect online or just hit your local toy store.


RandomLine is a company founded by a dad who loves to play.  After years of countless doodling, both in school and on the job, John Kiely turned a simple idea into a viable business based on doodling.  The Squiggle Series Games have won all of the top industry awards and continues to thrive. RandomLine games are now exclusively distributed by Toysmith based in Seattle, WA.

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