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I recently came across a wonderful game by RandomLine called Alphabet Squiggle. I LOVE games that are fun, but also educational, it's the teacher in me. Anyhow, my son is on his way to Kindergarten in September and we are trying to master the pencil grasp and letter writing. With educational standards that are becoming more and more challenging, our little ones are not just learning to identify letters and sounds in Kindergarten, they are learning to read and write. Alphabet Squiggle is a FUN way for kids to get some letter practice in and allows them to be silly and creative too! There are two versions of Alphabet Squiggle: the board game and the travel version. Both are really great. The concept is simple, spin the spinner, write the letter you land on and then create a "squiggle" or doodle out of it. I love playing the game with my son, he really enjoys turning the letters into fun things like rocket ships, insects and monsters! He usually writes the letter, gives me the idea of what we should turn it into and then I do the doodling. Alphabet Squiggle is designed for kids ages 4 and up. For older kids, there is a Cursive Version (8 and up) and for little ones (3 and up) there is a super cute Shapes and Colors Version.

RandomLine Games is a company founded by a stay at home dad who loves to play. With many years of doodling behind him, John Kiely has turned a simple idea into an award winning company. All of RandomLine's products can be purchased on their site and would make great gifts. Learning and fun, how can you resist? Also a GREAT teacher gift!

TRAVELING? Be sure to check out the travel versions, great for car rides, airplane trips, waiting rooms, and more. We are taking the kids to Florida in a few weeks and I know ours will come in handy!

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