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RandomLine is pleased to announce a speedy new addition to the Award-Winning line of SQUIGGLE on-the-go activity pads. SQUIGGLE On-The-Move is a “vrooming” good time and wonderful for children who are interested in creating unique and interesting modes of transportation, i.e. planes, trains, automobiles and more.  SQUIGGLE On-The-Move comes in a wide format pad that offers maximum room for creativity and includes 4 coloring markers. It’s ideal for children who love to draw and be creative while it keeps them engaged. SQUIGGLE On-The-Move is for ages 6 and up and hits store shelves this June.
RandomLine's activity pads appeal to children who love things with wheels, wings, or motors as well as those who love to draw, and are creative. The wide format and engaging graphics will capture the child’s attention and provide hours of entertainment and keep them engaged.  Children will spin the wheel and transform the pre-printed squiggly line into the car, bus, rocket ship and more.
SQUIGGLE On-The-Move will be found at Barnes & Noble and specialty toy stores through out the U.S. and Canada. Each pad has 100 unique squiggles and will retail for $8.99.
RandomLine is the creators of the Award-Winning SQUIGGLE® Series. Their games are available in the specialty market, educational stores, book stores, gift shops and museums throughout the United States. Visit or call 888-234-DRAW (3729) to learn more about this new and innovative company.

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